Friday, April 20, 2012


I run one of the top anti-Amway sites on the Internet, The Real Amway Global Blog and The Amway Global Video Blog. The purpose of this site is to compile nightmare stories of people who have had contact with Amway. This applies to people who not only became distributors but those who decided to pass on the Amway “non-opportunity.” Email me at or click on the comments button at the end of this post and tell your story.

My Experiences with Amway

When I was in grad school, a pushy Amway distributor (Amway calls their distributors Independent Business Owners, IBO) was trying to recruit my housemate. To get him out of her hair, I volunteered to serve as a bigger fish (or pigeon) to distract him from my housemate. Anyhow, I heard this guy’s spiel; this guy actually seemed to believe that he was going to become rich through Amway. I acted like a live one for a little while. This guy was cocky and an insufferable know-it-all so I stayed with him in order to waste his time and prevent a gullible person from being caught in the Amway trap. After a few fruitless meetings, he gave up on me.

Another time, I got an office job. The office was full of frumpy women. From Day One, I felt like a pariah (many of my “colleagues” didn’t bother concealing their disappointment that the new hire wasn’t another frumpy woman). One of the women in the office would brag about how in a year-and-a-half, she would be financially independent and no longer need her office job; she then gave the unsolicited advice that the avenue to her financial dreams was Amway. As far I could tell, nobody in the office asked her for additional information. Anyhow, despite doing an excellent job, I was let go. As I was getting ready to head out, she approached me and said that she heard I was leaving the office and suggested that I become part of her downline. I ignored her.

Once I was in the public library and some guy from Eastern Europe approached me on the way to the audio-visual section and asked me if I wanted to join Amway. I told him no way. Tell us your stories.